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We Can Provide Multiple Services

We deliver within a forty-mile radius of Myrtle Beach!

Call Local: (843) 692-8001 • Call Toll-Free: (877) 683-2473


The Mobility Center of The Grand Strand provides qualified service technicians and other personnel in accordance with the physician’s order, applicable regulations and patient’s needs. For those Mobility Center patient’s experiencing an emergency, we provide 24-hour emergency service including weekends.


The staff at The Mobility Center will evaluate the patient’s home, workplace, and mode of transportation to determine if there are any accessibility issues. They will then work with the patient and physician to make any necessary changes.


Each patient is educated about the proper use and care of their equipment. We also take the time to educate the family or caregiver of the patient’s needs, limitations, barriers, and potential hazards. In regard to our staff, we attend training that pertains to both equipment and standards on a regular basis to ensure we are knowledgeable about updates and changes in the field.


The billing staff makes every effort to submit the necessary insurance paperwork for Medicare/Medicaid invoicing in a timely manner.

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