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Wheelchairs, beds, and more

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Equipment Price Sheet

The Mobility Center of The Grand Strand serves the mobility-challenged community of all ages with a wide array of rental equipment including Beach Wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators and more! Our newest product is the SANDHELPER, a power beach wheelchair!

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All prices include Delivery, Pick up, and sales tax. With advance reservation.

sand helper

Sand Helper

1-3 Day 4-7 Days
$360.00 $450.00
GoGoLX CTS Red three wheels

3 Wheel Scooter

2-3 Days 4-7 Days
$60.00 $225.00
beach wheelchair connected to an umbrella looking at the ocean

Beach Wheelchair

2-3 Days 4-7 Days
$60.00 $225.00
Golden compass chair

Power Wheelchairs

2-3 Days 4-7 Days
$60.00 $225.00


2-3 Days 4-7 Days
$40.00 $135.00
victory 10 scooter

4 Wheel Scooter

2-3 Days 4-7 Days
$60.00 $225.00
invacare perfecto2 v oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentrator 

delta ultra light 1000 semi electric bed

Hospital Bed Semi-electric

1-7 Day 8-30 Days
$295.00 $395.00
singlfold AS ramp

6’ Wheelchair Ramp

2 Days 3 Days
$40.00 $120.00
hydraulic deluxe silver vein patient lift

Hoyer Lift w/o Sling

2-3 Days 4-7 Days
$40.00 $135.00
Trapeze bar connected to the end of a bed

Trapeze Bar Attachment 

1-7 Day 8-30 Days
$55.00 $80.00
oxygen cylinder carry bag

Oxygen Cylinders

Minimum Delivery of 5 Cylinders

1. All prices include sales tax, delivery & pick up fees.

2. There is a $35.00 charge for any deliveries that are scheduled and are not completed due to the renter not showing up or giving incorrect information.

3. All cancellations of reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance if not all rental fees will be charged to the credit card given for the reservation.

4. All manual wheelchairs come with standard leg-rests, unless specified, for which the additional $ 20.00 charge applies.

5. Renters must specify if a trapeze bar will be required with a hospital bed.

6. All Oxygen Rental Inquiries call The Mobility Center at 843-692-8001