Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

Jay Xtreme

The cushion is extremely lightweight, facilitating easy handling as well as efficient propulsion.

Jay Wheelchair Cushion

Designed with soft, even support for maximum comfort. Cushion is made with breathable polyurethane foam and fits all standard wheelchairs.

Jay Triad

The is the perfect cushion for the price-sensitive client with moderate positioning needs. The three distinct but integrated layers of foam.

Jay J2 Back

The Jay J2 Cushion is a lightweight, low maintenance product designed for the client at risk of skin breakdown.

Jay J2 Back

The offers a lightweight, easy-to-use design that addresses both pelvic and truck positioning.

Jay J-Gel

The cushion features pre-contoured foam in combination with a gel cube pad.

Jay Duo

The consists of three distinct but integrated parts, a solid seat pan, a foam cushion and an integrated fluid pad.

Jay Combi

The Cushion and Lumbar Support offer pre-contoured supports to enhance postural stability for the client.

Jay Care

The cushion is designed to promote optimal postural support for the client with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt.

Jay Basic

The provides a soft and durable support for clients with mild postural needs who are at low risk for skin breakdown.